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Soushiant oil and Energy founded in year 2017 and registered in Iran provides services to the upstream oil and gas industry in a close cooperation with the well-known international service providers. Soushiant oil and Energy is an integrated technologically focused oilfield consulting company covering the complete chain of exploration, development and production We deliver high accurate consultancy in all the aspects of upstream activities. We try to optimize production by reducing the existing risks in exploration, drilling and production operations. Unique experience and expertise of the Soushiant personnel enable Soushiant to deliver solutions required to efficiently find, develop and produce hydrocarbon resources in Iran and worldwide.


Machinery, sliding and rolling ball bearings and oil seal in Germany. This group started its activity in 2017 with name of Soushiant GMBH. in field of consultation , security and start up of parts of rotator machinery such as turbine, pump, compressor and also, rolling and sliding ball bearings and installations of industries of oil , gas and petro chemistry. As well, to meet need of industry of the country by using potential of engineering and commercial knowledge of the group, it developed variety of its activity in field consultation, design ,supervision and manufacture of parts of mechanical seal and control valve in way of reverse engineering science in industries of oil, gas and petro chemistry . Specialized managements of Soushiant GMBH:
1 – Commercial and sale
2 – Engineering of repairs and maintenance
3 – Reverse engineering and manufacture of parts
The upstream services are subdivided into four main sections such as Geology (surface and subsurface), Geophysics (Seismic and non-Seismic), Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering (Laboratory core analysis and reservoir simulation studies).


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